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When we were approached by the wonderful Quandt family with the idea of recording a CD, we realized that we are all around Beethoven’s age when he composed his Gassenhauer Trio. As our ensemble itself is young, and as this recording is our debut, we decided to explore the concept of youth. Beethoven wrote his Gassenhauer Trio with the flexible instrumentation that allowed the newly emerging clarinet or the violin to take the higher line. Coupled with the cello, this provides a counterpart to the two voices of the piano. With this flexibility in mind, we allowed ourselves to choose from a wide spectrum of trios, without limiting our repertoire to original compositions for clarinet-cello-piano. As the culmination of half a year’s intense and exhilarating work, we are excited to present Trio Agora’s first recording, “Youth.”

We took the idea of allowing room for experimentation as a starting point, and created a pairing of youthful works designed to re-contextualize, enrich, and even surprise our listeners. Each composer’s journey was unique, but the common thread is that all five worked within the musical fabric he had absorbed as a child, and sought to establish a new path for himself as an adult.

This idea of searching liberated and challenged us to find new ways to adapt the music to our ensemble. Working with composer Joel Hoffman as an artistic advisor, we set out to re-envision youthful classics, and bring lesser-known works to the stage.